VR media delivers the only plug-and-play device of its kind on the market. The bi-ocular vision is extremely comfortable as well as the position of the monitors. It works perfectly, connecting our engineers with on-site technicians, is ATEX certified and we have one source.
    For us, VR media was by far the best solution for us.


    Pro/Visionair provides unmatched opportunities to gather relevant, real-time field information and overcome significant matters like language barriers, travel time and costs.

    It is the latest support tool to help in-plant maintenance engineers ensure maximum uptime on corrugator lines.

  • User friendly

    Just press a button to switch on and off

  • Ergonomic

    Safety equipment compliant

  • Perfect vision

    Easy removable binocular video, see-through visor operates in any lighting condition 

  • Comfortable

    Its weight is 1100 g

  • Fully equipped

    Kiber Helmet comes with every accessories you need

  • Durable

    Each battery lasts approx. 3 hours continuous usage, by far the longest autonomy in its category

  • Safe

    The device has an optional ATEX certification



Kiber remote guidance system

Kiber Solutions are field-proven and known as a valuable tool for inspections, preventive or corrective maintenance and training. The complicated, difficult to remember, site-specific maintenance and troubleshooting procedures could become easy enough for a generalist technician to perform, a technician that can easily be found nearby.


Kiber software application

Our software is designed to perfectly fit today’s industry needs. It is based on an extremely efficient & secure communication protocol, and is “augmented reality-ready”. It’s easy to install and requires no programming. Field technicians will appreciate user friendliness while experts will be able to offer their contribution no matter where they are.

However, there’s nothing more constant than change, Kiber software follows a user-centered development philosophy by making sure every “experienced user” input is collected and taken into account for new releases.

Kiber configurations

Kiber’s unique technology is a very efficient solution for any industrial application, even the most complex and hazardous ones.

Kiber helmet is a turnkey HW/SW system fully configured to offer a complete remote assistance service, where remote video and audio real time capabilities remove problem of being remote.

Kiber can also be combined to other wearables. Helmet, glasses or camera, local workers can connect in real time to centralized expert support.

Shared vision

The remote expert can provide guidance directly and by superimposing augmented reality-based instructions onto the technician’s field of vision

Always on duty

It works over almost any mobile connection and even satellite broadcasting

Intervention recording

For many different uses as certification of maintenance operations, validation, training

Written notes

Very helpful add-on when there may be a language barrier

Two-way audio

Kiber helmet allows voice communication

Made in Italy

Kiber Solutions are 100% Italian; because quality matters

  1. Wide-angle HD video camera
  2. High resolution binocular viewer placed on a safety helmet
  3. Headset with microphone and noise cancelling headphones 
  4. HD video camera mounted on a flashlight.