RINA and VRMedia offer a Digital Solution for remote and smart inspections for the Marine sector.
The service is provided through smart helmets operated by a user-friendly RINACube hosted application.

An enabling technology is, by definition, an innovation, that can be applied to drive radical change in the capabilities of a user. In the inspection field, new technologies can support human inspectors augmenting their capabilities; smart helmets are therefore employed to support traditional visual inspections.

The Kiber Helmet is a wearable device for onboard engineers that, combined with Kiber Communication software, connects them with inspectors or specialised experts ashore.

The Kiber Helmet:

  • Allows engineers and inspectors to see what the person wearing the helmet is seeing in real time
  • Enables high-resolution image capture and real-time mark-up of images
  • Supports easy document share
  • Permits multiple people support sessions, with video recording and playback

What are Kiber Helmet advantages?

  • Reduction of travel time and related costs
  • One single point of collection for photos, video and documents
  • Fewer miscommunications
  • Possibility to involve the right capability also remotely

Smart inspections services can be activated:

  • To enable Classification Societies’ remote inspection activities, when allowed by specific list of applicability
  • To perform remote specific occasional ad-hoc surveys
  • To require remote assistance from ashore for crew members onboard ships, thus avoiding expensive and time-consuming travel by a technician

RINACube digital platform hosts the Kiber application software which works also on mobile/tablet devices optimising the bandwidth required.